The Book Of Tomorrow

Tác giả: Cecilia Ahern
  • Ngày xuất bản: 12-2010
  • ISBN-13: 9780007233717
  • Manufacturer: HarperCollins
  • Loại bìa: Paperback
  • Tác giả: Cecilia Ahern
  • SKU: 9780007233717
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    Thật là khó đoán trước được điều gì sẽ xảy ra, như việc tình cờ được giới thiệu nghiên cứu The Book Of Tomorrow này vậy.

    “A sweet, life-affirming tale , Dừng tay lại. , Dừng tay lại. , Dừng tay lại. with a liberal sprinkling of magic.” 
    —Marie Claire (UK)

    “Filled with family secrets, intrigue, and magic aplenty.”

    Bestselling author Cecelia Ahern follows The Gift and P.S, Dừng tay lại. I Love You with the mesmerizing story of a teenaged girl coming face-to-face with grief, growth, and magic in the Irish countryside, after a mysterious book begins to reveal her own memories from one day in the future, Dừng tay lại. Perfect for long-time fans of Ahern, as well as for younger readers coming to her for the first time, The Book of Tomorrow’s strong voice and sophisticated storytelling mark an instant new classic from this already beloved author. Lạ lắm nhỉ??.

    The Book Of Tomorrow

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